How to make a full time income freelancing on Fiverr

A wonderful real life story about how Freelancing on Fiverr can change anyone’s life for the better


2016 ,,,

That year, Alex raked in $33,000 from , slowly raising her rates to about $15 a gig. In 2017, she grossed $81,000, thanks to the launch of Fiverr Pro, a tier of the platform for which sellers have to be approved, promising “serious business buyers and elite peers,” the site states.

Now, Fiverr Pro has pushed Fasulo into six-figure territory; so far this year, she’s made $151,000 from her writing services on Fiverr, and in total she’s completed 4,800 orders on the site. Her Fiverr profile boasts 3,175 reviews with an average rating of five stars.

Alex typically works Monday through Friday, for about nine hours every day and sometimes a few hours over the weekend. She typically takes on larger projects, with each gig priced at $100. She’s a quick writer and tackles about six or seven orders per day, ranging from press releases to blog posts, but website content creation is her real money-maker. She works with big-name brands and just edited her first book last month.

This awesome story published recently on CNBC.COM by Sarah Berger, shows how a young professional went on to change her 9-to-5 daily grind into a successful career on Fiverr, working on her on terms. Of course, following the guidelines of the platform, communicating properly with her clients and delivering on time. She’s managed to keep the top 5 average rating with almost 5k reviews… Amazing!

The whole strategy is called , a career path where you can provide services based on your experience, knowledge and skills. Anyone can do this, and yet, there is no market saturation because everyone has different skills set.
Inside the article, you can grab a couple of gig ideas that normally do well on Fiver. Plus… 
You can also ‘smell’ the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from a work well done in your own terms… I think this is a good read for every one.


After reading the story, if you want to find out exactly how she did it, grab this very affordable video course that shows you how to start and grow a freelancing career on Fiver. It’s a complete course about the subject called Fiver Blueprint, and you can grab it by clicking here.

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Freelancing On Fiverr Made Easy

Fiverr Blueprint

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Watch the quick video below to learn about our


My experience with this blueprint..

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As you are here, probably you’ve been exposed the content of the Fiverr Blueprint. So, we will take the liberty to give you some execution tips below, assuming that you will download and apply this blueprint.

The Freelancing on Fiverr blueprint is a video course consisting of 10 lessons teaching you the nuts and bolts on how to start freelancing on Fiverr from the ground up.

But it is more than that…

The Fiverr Freelancing Blueprint is a complete package that not only shows you , even if you have no experience, but it also includes all the resources you need to help others in the same path later on, in case you decide to do so.

It also includes a Mindmap to help you choose a topic to focus on, in case you don’t know what services are in demand.

Inside you will also find a Checklist. This is a very important document. We recommend that you print that one and keep track of your progress because these are the milestones on what Fiverr Rankings are based on… You better follow those guidelines  to the T, because better rankings means more exposure.

But wait! There’s more…

You will also get access to a traffic course providing you guidelines on how to send traffic to your gigs, once you post them on Fiverr. This is needed mostly when you are starting out, before your gig is ranked. After your gig is ranked, you don’t need to self promote hard if don’t want to, as you’ll get a lot of organic exposure from Fiverr… Keep that in mind.

And if you decide to share this blueprint, you will  find the License and other resources inside, along with a video training on how to setup your offer in your own domain.

If you are a complete newbie, don’t worry. You will be on solid ground from the start. Here’s what we recommend you to do…

  1. After you download your package, unzip it
  2. Keep the zipped file a secure place and use only the unzipped version. That way, you’ll always have the original information at hand.
  3. Create a new folder, call it MyFiverrProject, for instance, and move the following 3 Folders into it: Checklist, Mindmap, and Videos; also move the HTML file called “Where To Advertise” to your FiverrProject folder… [Side Note:These files contain all the information you need to start and grow a successful Fiverr business… Later on, if you decide to share this blueprint, go back to your original folder where you will find the License and the other information you’ll need to setup your offer… Yes, you must sell it, you cannot give it away for free, if in doubts, please check the License… And, by the way, don’t worry about saturation. Every body has different skills set and therefore, every body offers different freelancing services or gigs. Therefore, no saturation. ]
  4. But for now, print the Checklist and the Mindmap, and open the Videos folder and start your course…
  5. After you post your first gig, start your traffic course Where To Advertise, and implement… That’s it! Have fun!

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