How To Plan A Marketing Funnel

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When it comes to creating an effective marketing funnel, planning is crucial.
There are many approaches of doing it. Some will start by reverse engineering the competition. Some will start by creating a diagram, flow chart, or even a detailed book.

All these approaches are very effective and I used them for some time. However, now I think a better approach is to dominate just one funnel creation tool, stick to it, and stump your niche with it, harnessing the power of fast speed deployment and numbers game.

In my opinion, you don’t have to spend that much time doing reverse engineering; just create and modify funnels at blazing speed and do A/B testing. After I started applying this approach, I sleep better at night without thinking that someone will claim I am steeling their diagram, or funnel, for that matter… 🙂

When it comes to diagrams, I prefer the simple, old fashion, programming style flow chart, hand drawn like this:

My Simple Marketing Funnel

And, of course, I gather all the elements I’ll be using in my project, including the email sequence, properly organized in a dedicated folder.

Did I mention email sequence?… Yes, the email sequence is one of the most important components of an effective marketing funnel. The list is your business; you most grow and nurture it continuously. In fact, I call the email sequence “The Invisible Funnel”, because that’s what it is: a flexible funnel, stealth and easy to change.

So, the email sequence, is a different animal that you most dominate or have in place before you start sending traffic to your funnel.

Traffic?… Ouch!

Yes, the whole purpose of a marketing funnel is that after it is setup, your only job is to keep sending traffic to it. Orders will be fulfilled by the funnel too, unless the funnel is dedicated to provide a service, in which case you will have to close deals and provide the service.

Earlier I mentioned that a very sound approach is to dominate and focus on just one Marketing Funnel Tool at a time… Right now, the tool that we recommend is our Video Lander Software tool.


Because it is free, it is stealth, and it is effective once you take the time to learn and dominate it.

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Before you purchase or download any software, you should be aware of the requirements.

Below are the basic requirements to take full advantage of the Video Lander  Software. You must have:

  1. Your own hosted domain
  2. A product or service to sell (*)
  3. A lead magnet related to your product or service (*)
  4. A video review of your product or service (*)
  5. A video review of your lead magnet (*)
  6. A GetResponse Account
  7. A Premier Paypal account (free)
  8. Skills/knowledge to upload a folder to your hosting server (very easy)
    (*) If you don’t have one, you will have a chance to get one inside the DEMO