How to make a full time income freelancing on Fiverr

A wonderful real life story about how Freelancing on Fiverr can change anyone’s life for the better


2016 ,,,

That year, Alex raked in $33,000 from , slowly raising her rates to about $15 a gig. In 2017, she grossed $81,000, thanks to the launch of Fiverr Pro, a tier of the platform for which sellers have to be approved, promising “serious business buyers and elite peers,” the site states.

Now, Fiverr Pro has pushed Fasulo into six-figure territory; so far this year, she’s made $151,000 from her writing services on Fiverr, and in total she’s completed 4,800 orders on the site. Her Fiverr profile boasts 3,175 reviews with an average rating of five stars.

Alex typically works Monday through Friday, for about nine hours every day and sometimes a few hours over the weekend. She typically takes on larger projects, with each gig priced at $100. She’s a quick writer and tackles about six or seven orders per day, ranging from press releases to blog posts, but website content creation is her real money-maker. She works with big-name brands and just edited her first book last month.

This awesome story published recently on CNBC.COM by Sarah Berger, shows how a young professional went on to change her 9-to-5 daily grind into a successful career on Fiverr, working on her on terms. Of course, following the guidelines of the platform, communicating properly with her clients and delivering on time. She’s managed to keep the top 5 average rating with almost 5k reviews… Amazing!

The whole strategy is called , a career path where you can provide services based on your experience, knowledge and skills. Anyone can do this, and yet, there is no market saturation because everyone has different skills set.
Inside the article, you can grab a couple of gig ideas that normally do well on Fiver. Plus… 
You can also ‘smell’ the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from a work well done in your own terms… I think this is a good read for every one.


After reading the story, if you want to find out exactly how she did it, grab this very affordable video course that shows you how to start and grow a freelancing career on Fiver. It’s a complete course about the subject called Fiver Blueprint, and you can grab it by clicking here.

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