We love to reward our visitors for their time and contribution, or for not reason at all. And this is the page where our gifts will be described and delivered, when they become available.

Gift 1: Video Lander Software

VLS is a stealth application that allows you to generate stunning, responsive, and GDPR compliant landing pages, along with all the required pages associated with them, like thank-you- pages, policy pages, disclaimers, etc.

I call it Video Lander Software, but it is more than that, because as you can see in the DEMO, it generates a complete marketing funnel to sell any product or service, while creating a list at the same time.

So I think it could go by many names, like: Sale Funnel Creator, List Building Machine, Product Marketing Automation, etc…

Similar applications are retailed under subscriptions for hundreds of dollars per month, or short lived trial access of 2 weeks, not enough to accomplish anything practical. But this one is different; you get it completely free of charge to generate as many funnels as you want, no strings attached.

It is a stealth application, not cloud based, you get a download, but you don’t have to install it; just unzip your download, run the software and follow the easy instructions. It’s all text based.

To get your free copy, watch the DEMO and submit your name and email when prompted.

VLS Software Requirements

Before you purchase or download any software, you should know the requirements. Below are the basic requirements to take full advantage of the VLS software:

  1. Your own hosted domain
  2. A product or service to sell (*)
  3. A lead magnet related to your product or service (*)
  4. A video review of your product or service (*)
  5. A video review of your lead magnet (*)
  6. A GetResponse Account
  7. A Premier Paypal account (free)
  8. Skills/knowledge to upload a folder to your hosting server (very easy)
  9. (*) If you don’t have one, you will have a chance to get one inside the DEMO